Board Warm with boardwarm!boardwarm uses Malden Mills™, Huntingdon Mills, and other top-quality fleece sewn for your order on site. We safety stitch all seams, serge them using Tex40 on 4-cone Juki and Pfaff sergers, and topstitch flat whenever possible for that finished look. No built in obsolescence here!

Our gear lasts years, whether it's layers, a hat, or just a headband. We want you to tell your friends about us! It's our hope that, after what you choose finally gets left somewhere or blown off your head on top of a mountain, you'll come back and buy another.

Before you go shopping, a word or three about colors.

Colors?  We got more colors than jelly beans!

We stock over 100 different solids -- some only our Grandma likes!"  That's not really our slogan (we COULD say we have more colors than jelly beans!) but it sure fits.  Ask us for your favorites when ordering an item -- they are not all listed in the color choice selections in our catalog! If you have a color preference for items you are ordering, there is a comment area on the checkout page that will allow you to type in your color choices. We may contact you for more details, or you can also call or email us with more information or questions.

Some of the colors we stock




Mtn. Threads is a specialty shop dedicated to sending you the shade and color combinations that you can't find elsewhere. We don't have every color, but there are a heck of a lot to choose from! And we'll ask our suppliers for you if there are any available bolts of a color that you really want. We always like to add to the racks.

The earlier you can order, the better. We are a small shop and need the time to get large orders cut, sewn, tagged, and shipped. Preseason orders for next season are wonderful and allow us to target a ship date on time. We take great pride and care when building your orders, and think that quality just may be more important than quantity.

Please note that we no longer make clothes for shops, but we invite your orders for hats and accessories!

THANK YOU! We greatly appreciate your help and support of this N/E Washington State small business.

Our Warranty: Workmanship and materials are warrantied for 30 days repair or replacement only. Returns must be accompanied by sales receipt.