Visitor Information

We collect an array of information on our visitors and their activities while on our website. Our website automatically collects information including IP addresses, country codes, browser usage, referrers, search keywords and phrases, and the duration of visits. This information is used on an aggregate basis. Our website also collects personal information that is directly submitted by our visitors when completing an online purchase, creating an account, or using our contact form.

Information Usage

Personal information (such as names and email addresses) is used internally for the sole purpose of providing services to our visitors. Under no circumstances do we sell or distribute your personal contact information, except where required to do so by law.

Information Security

Personal information is stored in a secure method and transferred only using proven encryption methods such as secure socket layer (SSL) technology. Additionally, your information is stored on a private server in a secure facility. Access to the facility is limited to network administrators only.

Visitor Choice

All personal information used by our website is entered directly by visitors. Interacting with the features and services on the website is the choice of each visitor.

Unsolicited Emails

We believe unsolicited emails (a.k.a. spam) is a serious problem facing the internet user. The companies who engage in these activities ignore the concerns and privacy of others and tax the internet's infrastructure as a whole. We do not condone these activities and have taken steps to safeguard our visitors' privacy. We do not sell or distribute your personal information to any companies and we strongly encourage our visitors to observe the privacy policies of each website they visit before sharing personal information.