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Massacre Sites: Working for the Dead

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What if when your body dies you lost. What then?

What does one do when you hear a cry for help? You answer it.

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What if when your body dies you lost. What then?

What does one do when you hear a cry for help? You answer it.

Step into a journey out of your comfort zone and into a hidden-from-view reality with this supernatural adventure that walks the reader down a crooked twisty path of paranormal experiences. Ranging from those that will send a shiver up your spine to the absolutely joyous, this personal account will give you a reason to open your mind up to other ways of seeing and perhaps experiencing the world around us.

From the mundane day to day we all live with to the step up that leaves you facing the curtain between worlds, you will share the time spent at the Hog Farm Commune/Black Oak Ranch working concert security; a place that pushed the author to make a choice that could never be imagined. It's about how he found the spiritual support of the Hog Farm family and the other people connected to the land there who had always known about the strange phenomena happening on their land, and why. This is the story of how an old surfer dude stepped far beyond the bounds of what he thought was possible because he heard a cry for help and answered, and how he got there.

This is a ghost story that will leave you thinking about your own potential.


As a Psychologist and Native American, I found this engrossing tale hard to put down. The author's words connected with my own research, specifically among the Native American Inupiat of Alaska, and he has written an account with eerie similarities to the connections found throughout that culture due to it also being filled with experiences of ghostly visitations from beyond our everyday world. There is much to appreciate in reading this personal account of paranormal work for and among the dead. It is not a story to be taken lightly nor feared, but rather celebrated for the joy found threaded throughout.

Dr. Catherine Swan Reimer

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